Your car has finally broken down after months of iffy starts and trembling at the stoplights or when parked with the engine idling. You’ve been pushed to the side of the road by strangers, your car has been taken to a local mechanic countless times, and now you’ve finally realised that it’s enough. It’s time to part ways and sell your car for good. It is a wise choice indeed and there are several ways to get cash for cars in Australia. One of which is A1 Express Car Removal, Australia’s most dependable car removal company rendering its services across all of NSW, VIC and SA.

Standing out from a herd of thousands of car buying firms, A1 Express Car Removal strives for customer satisfaction and leaves no stones unturned in making sure that you get the most reasonable amount for your car.

Cash For Cars Like Never Before

How much do you expect to make when selling scrap cars or end-of-life vehicles? You quickly think about how buyers have a bargaining point, get a clear advantage over you and hence have all the reasons to get stingy. But that’s not always true. Even if your vehicle is a complete wreck, A1 Express Car Removal values it aptly, thoroughly evaluates all salvageable parts/components and offers you up to $9999. While other buyers try to overlook one or two factors to bring down the vehicle’s worth, A1 Express Car Removal does the contrary and remains honest in the endeavour.

How does It work?

Usually, getting cash for cars is a mammoth undertaking and involves a lot of advertising and legwork for negotiating and haggling. It might take weeks if not months before you finally say goodbye to your old car. This time is more than enough to compel you to change your mind or make harsh decisions. This is why A1 Express Car Removal has streamlined its cash for cars system under which, selling your car is just as easy as making a phone call.

It all starts with a phone call from your end. You also have the option to fill up an online quote form including all the relevant details of your vehicle like make, year, model and condition explicitly. A few minutes later, you’ll receive a quote and once you accept it, a tow truck will be dispatched immediately. Within 24 hours, you will see the back of your old car and a handful of cash. In other words, it’s child’s play.


So if you have an unroadworthy vehicle with you, there is no point in keeping it with you. Call A1 Express Car Removal now and get rid of it today.