More often than not we all ignore carpet cleaning and maintenance. Sure, your carpets might look perfect at first sight, but if you look closely, you will realise that there are far too many things that are wrong with it. Either the carpet doesn’t look fresh, or the fibre is coming out, or there are several stains in it. Carpets often get neglected when they are the ones that need our maximum attention.

In this post, we will come to know of several tricks of carpet cleaning in Victoria Point which will prove to be extremely handy for you.

Get good carpet padding
You should never compromise on the quality of carpet padding; it’s an absolute necessity. Some of the reasons for investing in carpet padding are:-

Sure, most people won’t even notice the carpet padding, but they sure will see the wear and tear that carpets have to bear if it has no padding. Even after several years of use, the padding will prevent the carpet from falling apart.
They are usually made of foam or rubber which gives the floor a good finish by removing any imperfections.
Being good insulators, they will control the house temperature.
They are excellent noise absorbers which ensure that you won’t have to worry about noise control.
Do not vacuum new carpet
You might have heard the old wives tale that brand new carpets should never be vacuumed. Well, it’s not completely a hoax; there is some logic associated with it.

If you have a brand new carpet or one which is less than six weeks old, do not vacuum it immediately. You should give it some time to bed in. Carpets usually have certain amounts of loose fibre packing which ensures that the pile is held upright. Once you vacuum this pile will get sucked out, and the pile will invariably go flat. Instead, make sure that you use a non-electric hand sweeper.

How to remove wrinkles on carpets
You might have the idea that placing a heavy object on the wrinkled area overnight will do the job. Well, it won’t. To properly remove such wrinkles, place a damp towel over it and press down with an iron. More often than not, when the towel dries, the wrinkles will be gone too.

Check for mold
If you see that there are spots of brown and green over your carpets, the chances are that it’s a sign of mold infestation. But moisture can also be a reason which is why make sure that you check the surrounding pipelines for any leaks. To remove the spots, make sure that you do a spot cleaning. Here’s how you can do it:-

You will require washing soda and dishwashing liquid
Make sure that you use them in equal amount with a little water
Wait till the foam turns dry
Use this dry foam to spot clean them
These are some of the things which will make carpet cleaning in Mtcotton much more efficient. For the best results, hiring professional cleaners will be a wise option.