A fabulous Queensland holiday in a van from Gold Coast Van Hire is a great idea any time of the year, it is the perfect place to find outdoor adventures and get away from it all. The top five accessories that you must have to ensure a great holiday are:

Mosquito Repellant and Sun Screen

Queensland, especially at night time has lots of mosquitos that will want to pay you a visit. You can buy a commercial repellant that will keep all these little critters that want to bite and annoy away or make your own using apple cider vinegar, essential oils and coconut oil. This simple solution will help you enjoy a mosquito free Queensland all the time.

For those who are not used to the hot Queensland sun, a good quality sunscreen is essential to wear most of the time or until you build up a good Aussie/Queensland tan.

Becoming overexposed to the sun can result in a sunburn that can place a downer on your outdoor adventure as you try to avoid the sun for a few days.

Sunglasses and A Smart Hat

Queensland is known for its endless sunny days and this means that a good quality pair of sunglasses for your travels will be a fantastic barrier to stop the need for squinting and help you avoid the glare in the great outdoors.

Having a sensible hat that provides a good amount of shade to your face and neck area not only protects from the sun, but helps you feel refreshed and cool while you enjoy your outdoor adventures.

Swim Wear

There are many lovely beaches around the Queensland coast and having something appropriate to swim in is a great idea. Even when venturing inland there are many delightful streams, rivers and rock pools that are ideal for swimming, but take note of the signs and act accordingly to keep safe and comfortable.

Foot Wear

The ideal footwear for Queensland is a pair of running shoes and a pair of thongs, sometimes called flip flops.

If you are going to the beach you cannot beat thongs for being practical and comfortable. Running shoes are great for most places, but a good supporting pair of boots is best for tramping or foot traveling rough areas.


Nowdays everyone has a mobile phone that has at least one high tech camera so unless you are a perfectionist and a keen photographer you can take great photos using your mobile or smart phone. Queensland has an enticing array of landscape scenery with countless colours in the hinterland and coastal regions ideal for photography By using one of the optical zoom attachments that clip on to your smart phone or tablet, you can turn it into a high performance camera enabling you to capture those special moments as they happen, even in low light conditions.

Traveling around Queensland using a van from Gold Coast Van Hire is a great and economical way to see the many attractions. Being mindful of the sun, mosquitos and other animals that share this lovely area will ensure you have a great and exciting holiday.