Albany, found in the extraordinary southern area of WA, is the most established pioneer settlement in the state. The city was established on 26th December 1826, more than two years before Perth and Fremantle. Initially named Frederick Town, and afterward renamed in 1831 when it was moved into the control of the Swan River Colony. The town has had an assorted history, filling in as a significant port, and afterward turning into a middle for horticulture, lumber and whaling. There is a profoundly fascinating whaling focus which investigates the historical backdrop of this industry and its connections with the town. The town additionally had an impact in the account of the ANZACs, as the port of takeoff for troops leaving for the First World War. The ANZAC community investigates the legend of the ANZACs and honors their fortitude and penance. Casey Tours run a few visits which visit this magnificent city in the extraordinary southern including: 4 Day Australia Day, 8 Day Historic Goldfields, 4 Day ANZAC Day and some more.

Boyup Brook

Every year the drowsy town of Boyup Brook springs to life to commend down home music. The town, 269 kilometers south-east of Perth is notable by blue grass music fans for this live performance. The celebration started in 1986 and participation has expanded consistently throughout the years with more than 13,000 participants as of late. The Harvey Dickson’s Country Music Center is additionally found a short 5 kilometers outside of the town, a site of an enormous interesting assortment of vehicles and a grouping of blue grass music memorabilia. Casey Tours run a 4 Day setting up camp excursion to the blue grass live performance every year, making a pleasant headquarters for travelers to investigate the occasion.


Kalgoorlie-Boulder sprung up in 1893 during the WA dash for unheard of wealth, which was revolved around the “brilliant mile.” Prospectors Paddy Hannan, Tom Flanagan and Dan Shea were going past the space when one of their ponies cast a shoe, while they were halted they saw indications of gold, so they remained to prospect. After a prize case was subsequently documented by Hannan, many gold trackers overflowed the region in order to become super wealthy. Gold and Nickel have been significant businesses in Kalgoorlie from that point onward, with the business still perfectly healthy today. The town is home to the Super Pit, an open cut gold mine that boggles the psyche to observe, there is a post and guests focus from which you can see the great designing accomplishment. Casey Tours goes to Kalgoorlie on a few takeoffs including: 8 Day Historic Goldfields, Esperance and Albany, 8 Day Holland Way and Golden Quest Discovery, 16 Day Central Australia, Lake Eyre and Flinders Ranges and the 15 Day Australia’s Longest Shortcut.

Mount Augustus

Found 852 kilometers north of Perth, Mount Augustus is a monocline which stands 715 meters over the encompassing plain. The National Park which encompasses the mount is a great spot to encounter the magnificence of the Australian outback. The recreation center was gazetted on 22 September 1989, and is home to local wattles, cassias and eremophilas and other dry bushes that spot the scene of the mount. During wildflower time the recreation center sprouts with local blossoms, and over time the recreation center is home to birds, reptiles, snakes, emus, wild turkey and a large group of other natural life. Casey Tours 5 Day and 8 Day Mount Augustus visits stay at Mount Augustus for two evenings, permitting you to absorb the sorcery if this superb piece of WA.